10 African Bone Beads, Kenyan Ethnic ‘Batiked’ Curved Rectangle, for Jewellery Jewelry and Crafts, Dark Brown/Cream,

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Material: Bone & horn


10 African bone beads, Kenyan ethnic ‘batiked’ , rectangles, curved

approx 20 x 22 mm
use for beaded jewelry/jewellery and other projects

I can see them working well in men’s tribal choker / necklace

handmade in villages in Kenya using the batik technique
nice smooth finish

2-3 mm hole to the side, on the thicker side of the bead, curved
they are about 4 mm thick at one end, tapering to under a millimetre at the opposite end

dimensions are approximate and as they are handmade some variations to occur


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Number of Beads

Full Strand of 32, Pack of 10

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