30/42 African Disc / Doughnut Beads, Mixed Lot of 14 Colours, 10-11mm/13-14mm

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30/42 African recycled glass beads, doughnut, donut/saucer-shaped glass beads handmade from recycled glass,

use as spacers in jewellery or for other crafts

the 3 sizes and number in pack are:

1. 10-11mm wide, 2-3mm thick, 2mm holes (pack of 42 made up of 3 of each colour)
2. 13-14mm wide, 3-4mm thick, 2-3mm holes (pack 30 which is made up of 2 of each of 13 colours plus 4 more randomly selected)

3. 10-11mm 45-pack made up of 12 colours

small variations in size occur due to handcrafting

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Bead Size

10-11mm, 13-14mm, 10-11mm 45-pack