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  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-13-to-14mm–mixed-lot-1
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-13-to-14mm–mixed-lot-2
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-13-to-14mm–mixed-lot-3
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-13-to-14mm–mixed-lot-4
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-13-to-14mm–mixed-lot-5

African Disc or Doughnut Beads, Krobo Mixed Lot of Various Colours, 13-14mm

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African recycled glass beads, doughnut, donut/saucer-shaped handmade and also known as Krobo beads

use as spacers in jewellery or for other crafts

13-14mm wide, 3-4mm thick, 2-3mm holes
please refer to variation photo for number of beads and combination of colours

small variations in size occur due to handcrafting.

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