44 inches Waist Beads/seed beads, Frosty white, gold, lemon with Cotton Tie Cord


Material: Glass

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44 inch strand of waist beads

Cotton cord without a clasp.

You can reduce length by removing some beads, and the string has to be tied to secure it, in the traditional Ghanaian way.

Listed price is for one strand.

the beads can be used in other projects too.

African waist beads are so named because in Ghana, they are worn by women and girls under clothing just below the waist line. Considered private and meant only for a husband’s eyes, in some cultures they are given as part of a girl’s dowry. The beads I used come from the ethnic group in Ghana famed for waist bead wearing. Buy authentic 🙂

It used to be that not every lady liked or wore them. Educated and urban women were less like to own waist beads. In recent years, however, there seems to be a resurgence in interest, a fashion statement even, in some cases no longer under one’s clothes but visibly above one’s jeans or bikini bottom.

Wear it however you like! It can be worn as necklace or multi-strand bracelet or anklet, even.