Kente Cloth African Fabric, Authentic African Handwoven Cloth, Fathia Fata Nkrumah Design

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Kente Cloth African Fabric, Authentic African Handwoven Cloth, Fathia Fata Nkrumah Design


Material: Cotton

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Blue Kente cloth entirely handwoven by African (Ghanaian) weavers. Cotton. Rich colours, beautifully gorgeous, fantastic quality.

2 pieces which measure:
63 x44 inches
62 x 38 inches
Women in Ghana make them into stylish outfits for festive occasions such as traditional weddings (some use it for their church weddings too), and many other important social gatherings

“Kente” in the local language means woven cloth.

Best known of all Ghanaian and perhaps all African textiles

First developed in the 12th century, Kente is handwoven and native to the country of Ghana, in West Africa

It is the cloth is of the Asante (or Ashanti) tribe who consider it royal , even sacred, worn only in times of great importance.

Kente was the cloth of kings. Although its use became more widespread over the years it is still highly regarded and valued by all in Ghana and beyond.

This is a genuine hand-woven cloth, not the cheaper cotton machine-prints. Support Ghanaian local artisans by buying authentic kente cloth.

It can be made into items of clothing especially for occasions such as traditional weddings or engagement or other festive event.

Other possible uses: some use them as throws, or collector’s item, or wall hanging.

There is a historical significance to this design which in the local Twi language is “Fathia fata Nkrumah”, so named to commemorate the marriage to Ghana’s first president, Nkrumah to his Egyptian wife, Fathia.

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60 x 34 inches, 60 x 41 inches