Kente Fabric, Authentic woven Traditional Ghana Cotton Cloth, Gold/Black/White Stripes

Ghana handwoven cloth, entirely handwoven by African (Ghanaian) weavers. Cotton.

large strips of woven cotton from Northern Ghana, and normally used for the traditional menswear in that part of the country, ‘fugu’

This is a genuine hand-woven cloth, excellent quality, not the cheaper cotton machine-prints. Support Ghanaian local artisans by buying authentic kente cloth.

It can be made into items of clothing especially for occasions such as traditional weddings or engagement or other festive event.

Other possible uses: some use them as throws, or collector’s item, or wall hanging.

each large piece measures approx 70 x 42 inches

If you want both pieces, they will total nearly 4 yards; simply put them  both in your shopping cart

If unsure how much fabric you will need, best to seek advice from your seamstress.



Gold, Gold & Red