Kente Fabric, Gold and White Authentic Handwoven Cotton Cloth, Modern Ghana Fabric, 1 Large Piece, 60 x 36 inches,


Material: Cotton

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kente fabric, handwoven cloth from Ghana, an authentic ethnic fabric simple yet beautiful. Will make great gift for someone special. It’s a modern and less complicated version of the famous traditional cloth.

Women in Ghana make them into stylish outfits for festive occasions such as traditional weddings (some use it for their church weddings too), and many other important social gatherings. They work equally well in other items of clothing such as skirts and jackets

second photo shows the border better. (There is one at each short end of the fabric)

additonal photos show other possible uses

100% cotton, made by local weaver, this is an authentic artisan’s cloth, not a mass-produced machine print

approx 60 x 36 inches

Each is made up of strips sewn together. Authentic Kente cloth entirely handwoven by African (Ghanaian) weavers. Cotton. Rich colours, beautifully gorgeous, fantastic quality. Suitable for clothing, throws, wall hangings, head wrap, and much more. See additional photos for other possible uses.

“Kente” in the local language means woven cloth
as these are large pieces they can be made into other items of clothing such as jackets, or skirts, for example
other possible uses: some use them as throws, or collector’s item, or wall hanging, etc
Best known of all Ghanaian and perhaps all African textiles
First developed in the 12th century, it is handwoven and native to the country of Ghana, in West Africa, It is the cloth is of the Asante (or Ashanti) tribe who consider it royal , even sacred, worn only in times of great importance.
Although the use of kente became more widespread over the years it is still highly regarded and valued by all in Ghana and beyond. I will send this by secure delivery (Courier in UK, Royal Mail to other destinations)


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