When using handmade beads it’s not unusual to find some imperfections but rather than discard them, you can find a way to make them useful.  I have bead caps in mind here.

For my project I need some beads from the teal strand below.


The last bead in photo below is the perfect shape.  But the first three are not;  they have raised bumps around the hole which makes them lopsided.  And frustrating as it initially feels there is a way out.

Bead Caps:

Usually inexpensive they cover up the imperfection, are easy to use and transform the look of the bead.

My beads are about 13-15mm wide and I figure a 12mm bead cap will work. I prefer the flexible caps which can be moulded round the bead.  The antique silver tone filigree ones below will bring some style to the plain teal beads.



  1.  Glue bead cap to bead ensuring the hole lines up with the bead hole. (I use the GS Hypo-Cement beadiing glue for this project).
  2.  Double-check bead holes aren’t blocked by the bead cap, insert the head pin to ensure it goes through both the bead cap and the both bead holes.( For this project I only need a cap on one end but you could use bead caps on both ends if needed.)
  3.  Leave to dry.  It may mean setting it aside and coming back later to complete your project.

Finished project below: