Welcome to African Beads & Fabrics

Welcome to African Beads & Fabrics

After excellent quality handmade African beads and fabrics? We love to source and bring you just that!

We have also put together reliable information on these authentic artisan crafts from Ghana and elsewhere in Africa.

We share historical and cultural perspectives on  products and bring you stories of some of the producers who have dedicated their lives to bringing you these quality and beautiful products.


27th November 2020
Handpainted recycled glass beads

Using Leftover Beads

When you love beads, it’s easy to buy more than you need. Plus, it’s always helfpul to buy more just in case, especially with handmade beads where they aren’t all perfectly uniform. The result can be quite a lot of unused beads of a […]
2nd October 2020

Supporting Small-Scale Artisans

Just before I started to write this a customer left this very pleasing review for me: “Really lovely beads!! Great communication! Happy customer. Shop small business ” I also read part of an ILO report about the impact of the virus on labour around […]
8th September 2020

Caring for African (Ghanaian) Cotton Batik Fabric

Sometimes I get asked the care instructions for the batik fabrics I sell. Because they haven’t come from a big factory, there is soem uncertainty about how they will hold up when laundered. They makers don’t supply any but from using Ghanaian cotton batik […]