Welcome to African Beads & Fabrics

Welcome to African Beads & Fabrics

Your reliable source of authentic, artisan crafts and information on beads, fabrics and other items from Ghana and elsewhere in Africa.

We share historical and cultural perspectives on the products and bring you stories of some of the producers who have dedicated their lived to bringing you these quality and beautiful products.

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22nd July 2020

An Introduction to African Beads

Search online for “African beads” and the list of shops is endless, as are the colours, shapes and sizes. The variety is so huge that a visit to the bead-maker’s, bead market or well-stocked online shop is sure to cost you more than you […]
12th June 2020

African (Ghana) Recycled Glass Bead Types I

Ghana’s recycled glass beads are well-known around the world and their making dates back many centuries. Broadly, there are three types of glass bead (although, each time I get a new order in I notice something new – exciting!) derived mainly from how they […]
5th March 2020
Tube Beads of Different Widths

Tube Beads of Different Widths – At The Ends!!!

How do the beadmakers even achieve that? You’d expect every tube bead in the same batch to be the same width all along its length, wouldn’t you? But no, it doesn’t always happen with the Ghana recycled glass beads. And yet they are so […]