7mm African Recycled Glass Spacer Disc Beads Ghana Krobo Handmade

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  • Black African Glass Disc Beads 7mm
  • African-Disc-Beads,-Ghana-Krob-Recycled-Glass,7-mm-Spacers-mustard
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-soft-red
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  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-plum
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-off-white
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  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-pale-yellow
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-teal
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-teal
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-grey
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-taupe-grey
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-lime-green
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Disc-Spacers-7mm-cobalt-blue

7mm African Recycled Glass Spacer Disc Beads Ghana Krobo Handmade

From: £4.50

Small African disc bead spacers handmade from recycled glass by the Krobo in Ghana using old and traditional methods

size: about 7 mm diameter, 2-3 mm hole, 2.5-3.5 mm thick

these dimensions are approximate and small variations occur because they are made by hand,

the full strand has at least 210 beads, and you will receive half this number in a pack or on strand for the half strand option


Black, Gold, Soft Red, Soft Plum, Plum, Off-white, Orange, Light Blue, Yellow, Teal, Grey, Taupe Grey, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue

Number of Beads

Half Strand of 105, Full Strand of 210