Adinkra Print African Batik Fabric Ghanaian Cotton Cloth Aubergine

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Adinkra Print African Batik Fabric Ghanaian Cotton Cloth Aubergine


Material: Cotton

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purple African batik fabric, Ghanaian ethnic Adinkra* print, pre-shrunk, hand-dyed & hand-printed, suitable for sewing, interiors, quilting, and lots more
100% cotton fabric that is easy to work with
Genuine, hand-dyed & printed African batik made in Ghana (not the cheaper, inferior imports destroying livelihoods in Africa!!!)
Purchased directly from the maker
one yard and quantities of more than one will be sent as a continuous piece

*Adinkra are visual symbols from the Akan tribes of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. They represent concepts, original thoughts, and popular proverbs in easily memorable form. They’re also a record of historical events and express traditional attitudes and five of them are used in this cloth

The three used in this cloth are (see third photo):

Top left:
Adinkrahene – believed to have inspired the creation of Adinkra symbols it is a sign of charisma, greatness and leadership

Top right:
Gye Nyame – expresses belief in a Supreme being, God


Akofena – sword of war, and symbol of courage, valour and heroism and popular motif of many former ethnic Akan state shields


Blue, Pink/Purple, Cyan, Turquoise


1 yard, 1.9 yards