Adinkra Sankofa Raw Brass Bracelet Bar Curved Handmade

1 African brass bracelet bars with Adinkra Sankofa symbol, curved to fit wrist comfortably. Handmade ethnic Ashanti product made in Ghana.
curved tube with approx 3 mm holes
approx 34mm long
10-12 mm wide
6-7 mm thick
dimensions are approximate and small variations occur due to hand-crafting
bracelets show similar ones in use and are not included in the price

*Adinkra are visual symbols from the Akan tribes of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. They represent concepts, original thoughts, and popular proverbs in easily memorable form. They’re also a record of historical events and express traditional attitudes.

Sankofa- “return and get it” – go back to, stick with the good in one’s culture, and community


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