African Adinkra Brass Pendant Nsaa Symbol, 49mm

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African Adinkra Brass Pendant Nsaa Symbol, 49mm


Material: Brass

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large Adinkra African brass metal pendant/charm of the Nsaa (symbol of good quality and durability)  handmade in Ashanti, Ghana using the ancient lost-was method, an old and traditional laborious process

hand-crafted from recycled brass

approx 49-50 mm long (including the bail),

approx 40 mm approx at widest point

the ring is about 4-5mm wide on the inside

dimensions are approximate

The design of the pendant is an Adinkra symbol*, “Nsaa”.  Nsaa is a high quality handwoven local cloth used as a blanket, and traded in by northern Ghanaians.  It is mostly purchased by traditional rulers and the wealthy, and an indication of its quality and durability.  The symbol has come to represent excellent quality workmanship.

*Adinkra are visual symbols from the Akan tribes of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa.  They represent concepts, original thoughts, and popular proverbs in easily memorable form.  They’re also a record of historical events and express traditional attitudes.