African Adinkra Pendant Peace Symbol

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African Adinkra Pendant Peace Symbol


Material: Brass

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African metal Adinkra* charm/pendant handmade by the ancient technique of metal casting in Ghana’s ethnic Ashanti region. Recycled brass
about 63 x 45mm
1.5 – 2 mm thick
the hole is 3-4 mm wide
variations occur in size and colour as they are handmade

Adinkra* symbols abound in Ghana and Ivory Coast, where they are used to express social and cultural values and philosophies, among others.

The symbol here known in the local Twi language as “Bi Nnka Bi” can be translated as “no one should bite the other”; it symbolises peace and harmony, It is said to be derived from the picture of two fish biting each other’s tail in a fight.