African Beads Ghana Krobo Recycled GlassDoughnut Spacers 10-11mm

  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-10-to-11mm.-2
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-10–to11mm-off-white
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-Grey-10-to-11mm
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-14mm-lemon
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-Pale-Pink-10-to-11mm
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-10-to-11mm-blue
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-14mm-lime-green
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Ethnic-Recycled-Glass-Doughnut-Discs-10-to-11mm-pink

African Beads Ghana Krobo Recycled GlassDoughnut Spacers 10-11mm

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African recycled glass beads, doughnut, donut/saucer-shaped glass beads handmade from recycled glass,

useful as spacers in jewellery or for other crafts


10-11mm wide, 2-3mm thick, 2mm holes

they taper towards the edges to about 1.5mm

the strand option is about 22 inches long and has 140-148 beads on it

small variations in size occur due to handcrafting.


White, Blue, Lime Green, Pink, Pale Pink, Lemon, Grey

Number of Beads

Pack of 40, 22-inch Strand


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