African Brass Clasps & Jump Rings Handcrafted

  • S Hook Raw Brass Clasps Handmade
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African Brass Clasps & Jump Rings Handcrafted


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S hook brass clasp and ‘8’ jump ring sets, hand-crafted from recycled brass in Ghana’s Ashanti region using the ancient metal casting technique, ‘lost wax’.

clasps are about 17 to 18mm long, 7-8mm wide

jump rings are 12 -13mm long,Β  with 6 -7mm diameter rings
being 1 – 1.5 mm thick, especially useful with heavier beads

each clasp comes with 2 jump rings.

mix of brass and copper coloured

rustic, they are handmade one at a time, please don’t expect perfection πŸ™‚
add some brass beads from this store for the perfect result πŸ™‚

pack of 10 sets