African Fabric Adinkra* Batik, Ghana Cotton Ethnic Print, Black

African Adinkra* batik fabric from Ghana, preshrunk, hand-dyed & hand-printed, suitable for sewing, interiors, quilting, and lots more

100% cotton fabric that is easy to work with

Genuine, hand-dyed & printed African batik made in Ghana (not the cheaper, inferior imports destroying livelihoods in Africa!!!)

Purchased directly from the makers (3 generations of a family) who have a reputation for quality.

each yard is at least 44 inches wide

The pattern in this fabric are Adinkra symbols*

*Adinkra are visual symbols from the Akan tribes of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. They represent concepts, original thoughts, and popular proverbs in easily memorable form. They’re also a record of historical events and express traditional attitudes.

The 4 in this fabric from top left stand for: (refer to 3rd photo)
1. Immortality ( belief in life after death)
2. Endurance
3. Understanding and agreement
4. Affluence, abundance


Black, Charcoal, Black & White, Turquoise