African Fabric Ghana Authentic Abstract Ethnic Cotton Batik

  • Adinkra–Fabric-Ghana-Cotton-Cloth-Abstract-Gold-Blue-Green
  • African-batik-fabric-abstract-stripes-all-colours-2
  • African-batik-fabric-abstract-stripes-deep-turquoise
  • African-batik-fabric-abstract-stripes-golden-brown
  • African-batik-fabric-abstract-stripes-deep-golden-brown
  • Adinkra–Fabric-Ghana-Cotton-Cloth-Abstract–Green

African Fabric Ghana Authentic Abstract Ethnic Cotton Batik


African batik fabric, authentic Ghana ethnic cotton print, preshrunk, hand-dyed and printed

100% cotton, fabulous for sewing, head wrap, quilting and crafts

excellent quality cotton with a lovely feel

at least 44 inches wide

purchases of more than one in the same colour will be sent as a continous piece up to 5 yards (if this isn’t possible I will let you know first)

your purchase helps keep a local and authentic African fabric makers in business in the face of cheaper machine printed imports.


Green, Turquoise, Golden Brown, Deep Golden Brown