African Fabric by the Yard, Woodin Brand, Authentic Ghanaian Cotton Print, For Sewing, Quilts, Head Wraps, Interiors & More. Green/Orange/Gold


Material: Cotton

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African fabric by the yard, authentic Woodin brand from Ghana, cotton with a slightly shimmery finish. Rich, gorgeous colours

Fantastic for clothing, head wraps, and interiors items such as throw pillows, curtains and lots more

green, orange, black and metallic gold on paler background

they are rich colours beautifully combined to create an overall pleasing fabric

cotton. easy to work with,

Woodin fabrics are manufactured in Ghana and inspired by African art and culture. They are very popular and fashionable, especially in West Africa

3 yards. Approx 48 inches wide

quantities of more than one will be sent as a continuous piece.