African Raw Brass Curved Bracelet Bar Handmade

  • Raw Brass Curve Bracelet Bar
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African Raw Brass Curved Bracelet Bar Handmade

From: £6.50

Material: Brass

African brass bracelet bar, curved to fit wrist comfortably. Handmade ethnic Ashanti product made in Ghana. Also known as lost wax beads, because of the ancient metal casting technique used in making them.

curved tube with approx 3 mm hole

excellently crafted and beautiful. Best ones I ever stocked

45-50mm long. About 13mm wide and 5-6 mm thick, with 3mm hole (larger than previous ones if you purchased one before)

bracelets are not included in the price

made in Ghana’s Ashanti region by hand, they can be used for jewellery and other crafts

handmade from recycled brass in West Africa, using the ancient ‘lost wax’ method, a long and laborious process

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