African Bracelet with Adinkra Charms & Personalised Day Name

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African Bracelet with Adinkra Charms & Personalised Day Name


Material: Glass ,Brass

Stretchy bracelet which will make a fab little gift for mum, daughter, friend, those who love something different
strung in the UK using
1. tube and disc recycled glass beads from Ghana, West Africa. the beads are made in by the ethnic Krobo tribe using old bead-making techniques
2. bicone brass bead and 2 charms from Ghana’s Ashanti, handmade using the ancient lost wax technique of metal casting.
3. Griffin brand beading elastic renowned for its quality
4. Tibetan style findings
best to slide it on and off your wrist, mindful of the charms
it comes with a free black  bag
About 6.5 inches long.

The two charm symbols are:
1. Gye Nyame- which in the Akan language is “Except God”, and expresses belief in a Supreme God.
2. Akoma – heart. In this culture, in addition to the universal meaning of love, the symbol also signifies patience and tolerance

The day name can be personalised by choosing one from the options available and is inclusive in the price, that is, you get a bracelet with your choice of day name charm.

Day names are commonly used in Ghana to indicate which day of the week a person was born and small variations occur in the spelling and pronunciation depending on the part of the country.  Table below shows them in two languages:


Sunday Esi Akosua
Monday Adwoa Adjoa
Tuesday Araba/Abena Abena
Wednesday Ekua Akua
Thursday Aba Yaa
Friday Efua Afua/Efia
Saturday Ama Ama


Day Name

Esi, Akosua, Adwoa, Adjoa, Araba, Abena, Ekua, Akua, Aba, Yaa, Efua, Afua, Efia