Griffin Nylon Power Thread with Needle Attached

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Griffin Nylon Power Thread with Needle Attached


GRIFFIN NylonPower is a strong specially treated nylon with double the tensile strength of conventional nylon.

stretches only about 3 – 4% under tension and will return to its original length when released. This property is a great advantage when beading, as knots can be placed very firmly and permanently. Apart from the firm characteristics of this thread, GRIFFIN NylonPower also possesses a smooth surface and an unsurpassed colour brilliance.

 two metres (approx. 79 inch) thread with a stainless steel needle attached at one end.

GRIFFIN NylonPower: The modern alternative to traditional natural silk thread.


Thickness & Colour

White no. 0 – 0.30mm, Pink no. 4 0.60mm