Griffin Nylon Satin Cord 1mm 5-Metre Spoo1

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Griffin Nylon Satin Cord 1mm 5-Metre Spoo1


Nylon satin cord, 1 mm beading string from Griffin in Germany. 5 meter , metre spool for jewelry making and other craft projects

GRIFFIN Nylon Satin Cords are round cords made from polished and extremely soft nylon

Bright and vivid colours. They are extremely durable and tear-proof with high tensile strength and low elasticity. As this highly polished material is so soft, the satin cord is very supple and elegant and it feels nice against your skin.

The look fantastic, and are easy to handle. You can also melt the ends to prevent the cord from fraying.

They are ideal jewelery cords for a range of knotting techniques and decorative knots, such as kumihimo, macramé and Chinese knotting.

Perfect too for braiding and stringing beads with large holes,

They can be twisted once or multiple times for use as a decorative ribbon.

A recommended staple as part of your jewelry-making supplies!

GRIFFIN Nylon Satin Cords are REACH accredited (ie. they conform to European Union safety standards)


Black, Blue, Cream, Garnet, Pink, Light pink, Dark Pink, White, Grey


1.5mm, 1.0mm