Round Brass Bead Key Ring/Bag Charm Personalised

  • Brass-Key-Charmw-with-Personalised-Intial-All-3
  • Brass-Key-Charmw-with-Personalised-Intial-All-over-mesh
  • Brass-Key-Charmw-with-Personalised-Intial-All-mesh
  • Brass-Key-Charm-with-Personalised-Intial-2-diagonal-mesh

Round Brass Bead Key Ring/Bag Charm Personalised


Personalised key ring/bag charm with raw African brass beads on buffalo leather cord, Small Gift

Handmade in the UK using:

buffalo leather cord

raw brass beads handmade in Ghana using the ancient ‘lost wax’ metal casting technique

the larger beads are 25-28mm wide, 13-14mm smaller ones

approx 4.5 inches long

After your purchase please send me the letter of the alphabet you would like included on your key ring (if you don’t need one I will send it without)

will make a great little gift

comes in a free re-usable 100% cotton bag from Ghana.


Mid Diagonal Mesh, Diagonal Mesh, Square Mesh, Square Mesh 2, Mid-Mesh/Cone Bead