Waist Beads Bikini Jewellery Jewelry Shimmery Iris Blue Metallic 3mm Beads

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Waist Beads Bikini Jewellery Jewelry Shimmery Iris Blue Metallic 3mm Beads

From: £14.00

Material: Glass

waist beads, ready to wear, strung in the UK will make a great gift for a lady
I used 3 mm shimmery, metallic iris blue glass beads, pretty and cheery multi-coloured

can be worn as multi-strand bracelet, simply wrap it round your wrist as many times as needed
or wear it as a necklace

African waist beads are so named because in Ghana, they are worn by women and girls under clothing just below the waist line. Considered private and meant only for a husband’s eyes, in some cultures they are given as party of a girl’s dowry.

Not every lady likes or wears them. Educated and urban women were less like to own waist beads. In recent years, however, there seems to be a resurgence in interest, a fashion statement even, in some cases no longer under one’s clothes but visibly above one’s jeans :):)
Wear it however you like! It can be worn as necklace or multi-strand bracelet or anklet, even. Be you!


Clasp and Length

Stretchy 24-27inch, Stretchy 27 inches, Stretchy 27-30inch, Stretchy 31-33inch, Stretchy 34-38inch, Silver Clasp 29.5 in, Gold Screw 24-27 in, Gold Screw 29 inches, Gold Screw 28-30inch, Gold Screw 31-33inch, Gold Screw 34-38inch