African Beads Krobo Ghana Recycled Glass Tubes, Handmade 15-18mm

  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-15-mm-tubes
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-lemon
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-blue
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-red
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-dark-red
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-black
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-lime-green
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-petrol-blue
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-white
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-17-mm-salmon-pink

African Beads Krobo Ghana Recycled Glass Tubes, Handmade 15-18mm


Material: Glass

16 African tube beads, recycled glass, hand-made in Ghana’s Krobo region by the ethnic group of the same name, use for jewellery and crafts.

approx 15-18mm long. Some may be shorter or longer

width 10-11mm wide

holes are about 3.5 -4 mm wide

quite rustic but beautiful

please expect some variations in size and colour as well as imperfections because they are made by hand

can be used for jewellery and other crafts such as key rings, accents to bags, etc

pack of 16 single beads



Blue, Bright Red, Dark Red, Lemon, Black, Lime Green, Petrol Blue, White, Salmon Pink