African Beads, Recycled Glass Barrels/Bi-cones, Handmade 20-22mm

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African Beads, Recycled Glass Barrels/Bi-cones, Handmade 20-22mm

From: £5.50

Material: Glass

African beads, handmade bi-cones, (or barrels?) made in Ghana by local artisan and suitable for jewellery and a host of other crafts

they are are handmade, using old and traditional bead-making techniques

they are well-made and beautiful

Approximate sizes as follows:

they range from 19-22 mm long

about 9mm in the middle, taper to 8mm at the ends.

3 mm holes approx

sizes are approximate and you do get small variations due to handcrafting

very lightly speckled and stunning!

they are made by a small-scale craftsman whose work is excellent


Black, Blue, Cobalt Blue, Grey, Mustard, Off-white, Pink, Plum, Teal

Number of Beads

Pack of 15, Full Strand 29-30