Kente Fabric Authentic Handwoven Ghana Ethnic Cloth, 128 x 85 Inches

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Kente Fabric Authentic Handwoven Ghana Ethnic Cloth, 128 x 85 Inches


Material: Cotton

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Gold kente cloth from Ghana, with a beautiful shimmery finish. Fabulous gift idea. This is an authentic handwoven ethnic fabric. Very nice indeed.

approx 128 inches x 85 inches, large enough to drape around the body in the traditional Ghanaian men’s fashion

But it needn’t be used for menswear; if you want a bigger piece for your project than the ladies’ size will give you, this might be just what you need.

100% cotton, made my local maker, this is an authentic artisan’s fabric, not a mass-produced machine print

weave quality is excellent and the fabric feels quite soft. Should be easy to work with.

They can be used for other items as well; see additional photos for ideas

Each is made up of long strips sewn together.

“Kente” in the local language means woven cloth

as these are large pieces they can be made into other items of clothing such as jackets, or skirts, for example

other possible uses: some use them as throws, or collector’s item, or wall hanging, etc

Best known of all Ghanaian and perhaps all African textiles