Mixed Lot African Beads Handmade Recycled Glass Tubes 20-24mm

  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-2
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-Seconds-2
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-11
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-12
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-Seconds
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-7
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-8
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-9
  • Chunky-African-Tube-Recycled-Glass-Beads-Mixed-Lot-10
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Tubes-20-to-23mm-multicloured-strand-2
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Tubes-20-to-23mm-multicloured-strand-4
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Tubes-20-to-23mm-multicloured-strand-1
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-Tubes-20-to-23mm-multicloured-strand-3

Mixed Lot African Beads Handmade Recycled Glass Tubes 20-24mm

From: £1.75

Material: Glass

African beads, handmade recycled glass from Ghana’s Krobo region. Can be used for jewellery and a host of other crafts such as bag charms and key rings

mixed lot on the strand delightful! Great if you only require various designs and colours

various lengths ranging from 20- 24 mm, 12 mm wide, with 3-4 mm holes

sizes are approximate and small variations occur due to handcrafting

‘Seconds’ options have some nicks, hence the discounted prices


Lot Number

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Seconds lot 1, Seconds lot 2


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