Round African Beads, Ghana Recycled Glass 10-11mm Handmade

  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Recycled-Glass-Round-Translucent-10-to11mm
  • African-Beads-Ghana-KroboEthnic-Glass-Round-10-to-11-mm–petrol-blue
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Recycled-Glass-10-to-11mm-Limey-Green
  • African-Beads-Krobo-Ghana-Recycled-Glass-10-to-1mm-round-turquoise
  • African-Beads-Ghana-Krobo-Recycled-Glass-10-to-11mm-Purple
  • African-Beads-Ethnic-Ghana-Krobo-Recycled-Glass-10-to-11-mm-paler-Orange

Round African Beads, Ghana Recycled Glass 10-11mm Handmade

From: £4.50

African beads handmade from recycled glass by local artisans using old and traditional techniques with simple tools

they are about 10-11mm wide diameter with 3mm holes, approx

there may be some 12mm ones in your pack

they are well-made and beautiful

slightly translucent

dimensions are approximate and variations occur because they are made by hand



Petrol Blue, Orange, Deep Purple, Turquoise, Petrol Blue, Limey Green, Cobalt Blue

Number of Beads

Pack of 20, Strand of 50