The Problem with African Beads

Handmade African beads are beautiful and one is spoilt for choice at the bead-makers’ or market. When re-stocking I am like a kid in a sweet shop and always spend more than planned.  True.

But, the beads aren’t perfect and sometimes I have a bit of a headache using them.  Doesn’t don’t put me off, though, and if you’ve had similar experiences hopefully you might find a useful tip here.

And of course, I am open to learning a trick or two from you as well.

In the next few weeks I plan to cover:

  1. Uneven Sized Holes
  2. Different sized beads in the same sack/strand
  3. Tube beads of different widths at  the ends – aah!!!
  4. Heavy beads
  5. Brighter colours than I’d Like
  6. Chips and other Imperfections

Do come back and or share your own wisdom. If you have other problems not included in the list, I would be happy to know! Thanks.