Giant African Beads, Refashioned Glass from Ghana’s Krobo, handmade, Black/Multi-colours, 23-27 mm


Material: Glass

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Giant, round African beads, handmade in Ghana’s Krobo region by that ethnic group.

Suitable for jewellery and a host of other crafts

they are are handmade, using old and traditional bead-making techniques

any ground glass powder left at the end of the day is used up to make them, and aren’t all perfect or the exact same colours

If you require perfectly formed beads some of these will not do.

Approximate sizes as follows:

they range from 23-27 mm long

24-25 mm wide in the middle,

6-7 mm holes

Due to their size I can only send them as a small parcel, hence the postage price. But if you were to add other items you could save on postage.

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